Writing With Lisa Funari-Willever & Friends

writingWritten by Lisa Funari-Willever

Before becoming an award-winning author, Lisa Funari-Willever was a fourth grade teacher. She remembers the challenges of teaching the art of writing and the writing process. She also remembers her greatest challenge: to assist students in developing a love of writing.

Today, educators face even greater obstacles with rigid, over-structured programs and endless standardized testing; neither of which is a recipe for creativity. In an effort to simplify the writing process, Lisa created Writing With Lisa Funari-Willever & Friends.

The program consists of a 48 page workbook, free web activities, and dozens of free video tutorials.

To motivate students, she has invited the very popular and recognizable main characters from her Nicky Fifth chapter book series to assist. Together, Lisa, Nicky Fifth, T-Bone, and Wanda present the process of writing in small, manageable steps. While we all know the secret to great writing is to write often, that only occurs when students are confident and enjoy it.