Vote For T-Bone Guest Young Author Contest

1st Place Jakiere Legoskey, John Glen Elementary School, Pine Hill, NJ

Adventures of Nicky Fifth & T-Bone

The adventures of Nicky and T-Bone show why Pine Hill is a perfect place to visit. The boys were visiting nearby Clementon Park, which was founded in 1907 by Theodore Gibbs. The park had attractions that included a theater, dancing casino, roller coaster, steam carousel, and a Razzle Dazzle ride. Clementon Park is on Clementon Avenue, and the boys heard the cheerful screams all around. Nicky and T-Bone went on the Torpedo Rush ride. Next was the water ride that stands at a sky-scraping 60 feet tall. They climbed into the launch capsule to count down to the most thrilling water slide. They rode the safari train that had a unique mystery and the magic of an African desert. Nicky could smell hot, steamy food, and his stomach tarted to growl.

“Should we get something to eat?” Nicky asked T-Bone.

“Sure,” said T-Bone as they walked up to the counter and ordered their food. Nicky ordered a hot dog, T-Bone ordered a burger, and they both ordered lemonade.

They were stuffed after eating their food and as soon as they finished their drinks, they left Clementon Park with a buttery popcorn and a cotton candy. They were talking about how much fun they were having and decided to visit the oldest structure in Pine Hill, the Tomlinson House, just up the road from
the park.

The Tomlinson House was built in 1790 by the Tomlinson brothers, and an addition was added in 1844. The house stands on Blackwood-Clementon Road. The cooking supplies they used in the 1800s were bizarre! By the way, in my opinion, if you look at 1800s clothing it looked terribly uncomfortable. It looked like all the women were getting squeezed to death, and the men wore big hats like Abraham Lincoln wore. Nicky whispered to T-Bone, “What do they store in their hats? Nuts?” T-Bone quietly laughed and moved around the historic house. They learned a lot about Clementon Park and Pine Hill’s Tomlinson House, and the adventurous boys realized Pine Hill, New Jersey was a great place to visit.

*Note to readers: While the town of Pine Hill, New Jersey and Clementon Park welcome Nicky Fifth readers, the Tomlinson House is currently not open to visitors.

2nd Place Anna Salvatore, Toll Gate Elementary School, Pennington, NJ

The Last Day of School

I’m sitting at my desk, waiting. My eyes are fixed on the slowly moving hands of the clock. The teacher has been talking, but today I will not listen. Today is the last day of school. My desk will soon be empty, the halls will soon be filled with happy kids running, but I’m not listening to the never-ending drone of the teacher. Instead, I must sit on my old, small, blue chair, hearing the principal’s high heels coming down the hallway. Click, clack, click, clack. Now I know that she is doing her routine rounds.

Everyone around me is fidgeting in excitement. I can barely sit still. The clock is like our king and we are like servants in its kingdom. When the summer bell rings, we are set free from our spell and released into summer. It has been a year since I have tasted summer, and I hope it is worth a school year. The bell is ringing, and it is now my favorite sound. Here comes vacation!

3rd Place Kaitlyn Blaylock, John Glen Elementary School, Pine Hill, NJ

Nicky’s Pine Hill Adventure

It was just like any other boring old night for Nicky because he just got back from another day trip. As soon as they got home, Nicky and T-Bone went inside to Nicky’s messy bedroom and went to sleep. The next morning, after they ate breakfast, Nicky’s mom told them they would be going to Pine Hill. “You have to be kidding me. Who would ever want to go to Pine Hill? I bet it’s not even that great,” said Nicky. Nicky’s mom had said that they would be at the Tomlinson House all day long. After that, Nicky’s mom told them that it was built in 1834 and it’s a museum. They left at 8:00 in the morning, and they were on their way. When they arrived, they asked some of the local residents about the Tomlinson House. The residents said they loved it, so it was clear that they would go. When they went to look at the Tomlinson House, they saw a sign that said Now Open To the Public on it. They walked up the creaky old stairs, went inside, and saw many things. They went upstairs to see all of the old bedrooms and walked around the house. When it was 2:00 pm, they left for the day. They didn’t get home until 8:00 pm because they stopped at Friendly’s for dinner. Nicky definitely enjoyed the trip to Pine Hill!