On Your Mark, Get Set, Teach

Written by Lisa Funari-Willever & Lisa Battinelli

The Must Have Guide For New Teachers and Student Teachers Preparation is the key to a successful teaching career and veteran teachers Lisa Battinelli and Lisa Funari Willever have created the ultimate guide for new and student teachers. Written in a conversational tone, the authors share methods, tips, and techniques as well as heartwarming and humorous personal experiences.

Question – Where Do You Find 2 Million New Teachers With Experience?
Answer – You Don’t

With more than 1 million teachers nearing retirement and the demand for teachers increasing, the future of students goes beyond hiring qualified teachers. According to NEA statistics, 20% of all new teachers leave within three years and 50% of urban teachers flee the profession after five years. Keeping qualified teachers has never been more important and a great first year is the key.

New teachers are the most neglected population in the school community and On Your Mark, Get Set, Teach takes the personal, rather than scholarly approach to prepare teachers for a lifetime in education.

192 pages | Soft cover | US $13.95 | ISBN 978-0-9679227-5-1