Nicky Fifth’s Passport To The Garden State (Book 4)

Written by Lisa Funari-Willever

The Nicky Fifth series seamlessly combines fiction and non-fiction, humor and education and now, for the first time, a Passport! Read the book and follow Nicky and T-Bone’s adventures and have your passport stamped at 36 special Stamp Stops along the way.

NEW! Follow Nicky and T-Bone’s itinerary and have your Passport Stamped along the way. Look for the Nicky Fifth logo!

When the Governor of New Jersey invites Nicky Fifth and T-Bone to serve as Unofficial Junior Ambassadors, how can they say no; especially, when no other Governors have called. They accept the job and find the best New Jersey places to share with other kids. From the State House to Wild West City to Lucy the Elephant, get ready for another… Garden State Adventure!

200 pages | Soft cover | US $6.95 | ISBN 978-0-9760469-7-4 | Bulk School Discounts Available