Guest Young Authors – Nicky Fifth’s Passport to the Garden State

1st Place Author

Samantha Patrick, Age 10, Northside Elementary School, Annville, PA

The Journey of a Snowflake

One day, in the Forest of Heat, a bear named Winter roared and said, “When is there going to be snow? I haven’t hibernated in ten years.” So he did a snow dance. The winter fairies saw that the animals were very upset from the heat. So they worked their magic. They made one little snowflake and she was beautiful. Her name was Emily and she would change the forest.

While she was on her journey, a cloud came up to her and said, “I will make it so misty, you will not find your way to the Forest of Heat.”

“I will see through your mist,” said Emily, as no one knew she carried a magic shield to protect her. Emily and her shield made it through the mist safely.

Then another cloud said, “I will blow you away.” But Emily’s shield protected her.

When she came near the sun, the sun said, “I will surely melt you!” This time the shield started melting. As soon as the shield was gone, Emily had to think fast. She saw her friend, Peggy, the butterfly and told her the plan. Peggy agreed to help and held a big bowl of water really close to a cloud. The sun loved water, so the sun ran towards the cloud. The cloud bumped into the sun and covered it so it could not melt Emily.

Emily made it to the Forest of Heat, just like the fairies told the animals a month earlier. The animals prepared for the snow and as soon as Emily landed on the ground there was snow everywhere. The tired bears finally hibernated, the forest animals played, and everyone was happy; especially Emily.

2nd Place Author

Edward String, Age 9, Sewell Elementary School, Sewell, NJ

The Giant Surprise

One day, Tom saw something in the distance. It was a shadowy figure. At first, it was little, but it started getting bigger and bigger. Then it was right in front of Tom. He was very scared.

“Who are you?” he asked the hairy creature.

“I am a buffalo,” said the creature.

“My name is Tom. What is yours?”

“They call me Giant,” the buffalo answered.

At first, the buffalo didn’t even know what planet he was on and Tom told him that he was on Earth. The buffalo told Tom that his home planet was Neptune. Tom was surprised, but then got a big smile on his face. He told Giant that he had a rocket and he is going to use it to take his lonely, new friend back home.

“It will be an adventure,” said Tom.

The buffalo was very excited. So Tom and his new brown-haired friend climbed aboard the huge space shuttle and blasted into space. When they arrived, it was very quiet because all of the buffalo were asleep. Tom tip-toed to the Giant’s house, quietly opened the door and said, “Good-bye.” And he smiled the whole way back to Earth!

3rd Place Author

Grace Battinelli, Age 9, Woodside Elementary School , River Vale, NJ

My Winter Window

When I look out my winter window I see many things. First, I see people building a snowman. It has a blue scarf on it. I bet it feels as soft as a rabbit. The snowman has sticks for arms. The sticks are big and sharp. I hope it does not melt. Next, I see people sledding. While they are going down the hill they are laughing. They laugh so hard that they fall off the sled. They go fast, their hair was flying. They were sledding on a slippery hill. Then I see people ice skating. While they are ice skating they are twirling. They twirl like angels. Also, while they are twirling, they hold hands. I hear ice scratching while they skate. The noise sounds like breaking glass. Finally, I see people making an igloo. Making an igloo is cold for their hands. It is so cold, I bet they want to have hot chocolate. Making an igloo is such hard work. I love the winter!