Guest Young Authors – Nicky Fifth on 32 Dandelion Court

1st Place Guest Young Author

Kelsey DeFrates, Age 9, Haviland Avenue School, Audubon, New Jersey

The Red Headed Monster

There’s a Red Headed Monster that lives in my house. I don’t know how she got there, she must have been quiet as a mouse. But she came in my house and I don’t know how to get her out.

Don’t get her mad, because she will blow. People say she is cute, but I really know. She gets me in trouble with my Mom and Dad. She does things to make me crazy and things to make me mad.

The Red Headed Monster follows me and asks me to play. I don’t know why my Mom and my Dad let her stay.

She says that she loves me and gives me a kiss, but when I turn around, she gives me her fist. She has a temper the color of her red hair and sometimes it even makes me a little scared.

When the Red Headed Monster runs and screams, I wish to myself it was only a dream. If you have a little sister, you know what I mean!

2nd Place Guest Young Author

Ethan Wood, Age 9, Nye Elementary School, Hummelstwon, Pennsylvania

Why Jack Rabbits Have Big Ears

A long time ago, there was a jack rabbit named Jumper. One dry day in Australia, Jumper saw a turtle with a huge shell. Jumper started to pick on him because of the size of his shell. Turtle felt very sad. Jumper said, “Your shell is as big as a turkey. Turtle felt so miserable, that he went to the wise man for help. So the wise man followed turtle home to catch Jumper making fun of him. Well, the jack rabbit named Jumper began picking on turtle as soon as he saw him. The wise man, who was hiding, heard Jumper and cast a spell upon him. The spell made his ears bigger to see what it would be like to be different. And that is why jack rabbits have big ears. The moral of this story is to never tease others if they look different. It’s what’s on the inside that counts. said, “Yes, I will.” The kids were all happy.

3rd Place Guest Young Author

Cassandra Selsor, Age 9, Mary Frank Elementary School, Granger, Indiana

The Poor Old Lady of Liger and Her Tiger

There once was a poor old lady of Liger,
who spent all her money on her pet tiger.
Suddenly, the tiger got fat and started to wear an old ladies hat.
No one knows what happened to the poor old lady of Liger.
So what did happen to the poor old lady of Liger?
She was swallowed up by her pet tiger.
He had nothing to eat,
so he gobbled up her feet.
Then he swallowed the rest of that poor old lady of Liger.
The tiger then ate a kangaroo,
so he was sent off to the zoo.
The zookeeper there was Mr. Thump,
who was really very plump.
So the tiger swallowed him up, too.
So my friend, never spend money on a tiger
because of what happened to that poor old lady of Liger.
By Miss Shbiger, a girl of the village of Liger,
who knew that poor old lady and, of course her tiger.