Great Outdoors Contest Winners

1st Place Isabella Irilli, Roebling Elementary School, Roebling, NJ

When I Run The Zoo

When I grow up, I’ll run the zoo.

I’ll run the zoo, yes, that’s what I’ll do.

But I’ll make some changes.

All of the lions will be tamed to be nice.

I’ll bring back some penguins from the cold winter ice.

All of the polar bears would stay in a pool.

I’ll make crystal statues, now that would be cool.

I’ll put all of the monkeys, in big fun cages.

I’ll bring in some turtles of all different ages.

I’ll let all the rabbits run through some logs.

I’ll bring in some lizards, to play with the frogs.

I’ll bring in an elephant, as big as a house.

I’ll bring in a fish, as small as a mouse.

All of the leopards will run around on racetracks.

All of the ducks would quack like maniacs.

All of the peacocks will stay out of cages.

And the people would think that my zoo is outrageous.

2nd Place – Brennan O’Keefe, Lincroft Elementary School, Lincroft, NJ

The Hiking Trip

There were two boys, named Nick and Brennan. Nick was 19 and Brennan was 15. They asked their parents if they could go hiking. Their moms agreed, Nick drove to the Paterson Gimlin Forest in California. They got to the forest and took their tent, cooler and flashlight out of the trunk.

Then they disappeared into the forest. They looked for flat land to set up their tent because the sun was going down. Brennan found flat land and they set up their tent. Nick said, “Let’s go hiking before it gets dark.”

On the way, they didn’t hear or see anything. On the was back, they saw a black, hairy, ten-foot bear – it was BIG FOOT!

They ran back to their tent and they got back safely. They got a picture of it so they could show their parents. They slept fine. They were really scared that morning, so they left. Nick drove them back home. They showed their parents the picture and they screamed.

They said, “You are never going in those woods by yourself, again! We were worried you would get attacked by one of those things!”

3rd Place – Jade Fleckenstein, John Brainerd Elementary School, Mt. Holly, NJ

Flora and Her Flower Shop

One rainy day in the flower shop, Flora, the owner was not happy, She was not happy because she had no flowers except for one. It was a morning glory.

She could have more, but she ran out of seeds. She looked and looked for more seeds. There were no more seeds.

So she sat there and sat there. The next day, the morning glory died, but left a bunch of new seeds. Flora was so happy! She got to planting right away.

In a month, there were 1,000 flowers in the garden. Flora was so happy that she could see flowers in her store again. She loved her business.