Author Visit Testimonials

“I first heard about Lisa’s wonderful presentations from a teacher whose child attends school in a neighboring town. Am I glad I investigated it more thoroughly and signed up for an appearance at each of our three elementary schools! Not only are Lisa’s interactive presentations grade-level appropriate and highly enjoyable, but as a Supervisor of English Language Arts Literacy and Social Studies, it was a joy to find an author who addressed both content areas at the same time! Our third and fourth graders loved her! We plan to have her back regularly–by demand!”

– Eleanor Hughes, Supervisor, K-5, Township of Ocean School District

“Lisa Willever is an exciting speaker who motivates her student audiences to write, explore, and expand their vocabulary. We always schedule her visits as we introduce the story writing process. I love watching the students soak up every word she says. They can’t wait to write stories after listening to her! The Nicky Fifth Adventures are a perfect tie in to the 4th grade curriculum in Social Studies where we study the historyof New Jersey. Spending our weekends and summers following Nicky has made my husband and me her #1 fans.”

– Pat Jaremcak, 4th grade teacher, Rockaway, NJ

“Words cannot describe the excitement and enthusiasm generated with Mrs. Willever’s visit to our school. She not only brought the Nicky Fifth series to life for the kids, the children were thoroughly captivated by her during her visit. We have added her into our annual program for our 4th grade program because of her popularity.”

– Johanna Moore, Old Farmers Road School PTA President

“Lisa spent two days in our intermediate school working with our sixth and eighth graders. The students actively participated and came away with a creative experience that they will put to good use in their writing. They seemed to have a new or renewed enthusiasm for writing.”

– Barbara Riggione, Ocean City, NJ